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Why a greener home

As fossil fuels begin to run out, sustainable or renewable energy sources, Like wind and solar power, are becoming increasingly important - and they're not just something for the Government and energy companies to think about. Renewable energy can be a practical and environmentally friendly option for nearly every household it is renewable energy? This is energy from sources at won"t run out, such as wind, sunshine and water -unlike fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal, which have limited supplies.

The costs of fossil fuels - Between 2003 and 2005, crude oil prices have more than doubled. Gas prices have followed suit. Fundamentally, there is no real reason why this development should change. As supplies of fossil fueis are limited and it is becoming increasingly expen­sive to recover the remaining stocks, the price for crude oil and gas will probably continue to rise in future. However, the costs for producing energy from thermal sources in the environment will not. A choice now for the technology of the future is a solid foundation for your future energy supplies. But this is not just a choice for the environment - it is also one that will save you a lot of money.

What is climate change? The concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing, causing global warming - - the :a tr warms  h prompts physical changes such as melting ice-caps. These, in turn, contribute to changing weather conditions, such as frequent droughts and new hurricane patterns.

What are carbon emissions? Fossil fuels contain carbon. When we burn them, this releases carbon dioxide [the main greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. So consuming less energy from fossil fuels is one ol the best ways to reduce the greenhouse effect - and something we can all help with.

What is the greenhouse effect? Carbon dioxide and other gases form a cloak in the atmosphere, keeping the heat in -a bit like the glass walls of a greenhouse.



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