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Air heat pump

air pumpAn air heat pump is very similar to the outside unit of air conditioning. Air Source Heat Pumps takes energy from the air and raise it to a higher temperature, using a process which is similar to a reverse refrigeration process.

The advantage with an air heat pump compared to ground sourced heat pumps is that they avoid the need to drill or dig.

The air pump gathers the heat from the surrounding air using an air module which is located outside the house and works with a heat pump in-side the house.

Air Source Heat Pumps provide an alternative low cost solution for space heating and hot water. A typical return on investment against Oil and LPG fed heating systems the return can take as little as 5 years

Air Source Heat Pumps also provide hot water from a pressurised system up to temperatures as high as 55C which is very suitable for all domestic and business requirements.

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