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Insulating your home

Insulation is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency. This is not only good for your pocket as you can save money on your heating bills.

Loft Insulation

Your loft is often the biggest source of heat loss and you could be losing up to a 33% of your heat through an un insulated roof.

Effective loft insulation should be at least 270mm thick. There are many products for the novice DIYers to fit.

Insulation costs from around £100 but can save around £200 per year.


Cavity wall insulation costs about £300 but can cut your heating costs by £150 per year. This is not a job for a DIYer but is often subsidised through grants.

Water Tank

It is well worth lagging your hot water tank with a 75mm jacket. These cost only around £10

Doors and windows

Seal draught gaps round doors and windows and you can save up to £20 off your annual heating bill.


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