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Wind Turbines

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind to produce free electricity. The higher the wind speed the more effective they are at generating electricity.

Wind turbines can cut up to 30% off your electricity bill. You will find that the wind speed increases the higher you are so it is best to install the wind turbine as high up as possible.

The ideal location is on the top of a hill with nothing to slow the wind e.g. buildings or trees. However,this doesn't stop you installing one in an town. Wind turbines can installed onto a secure mast in your garden high on a wall or even on on the roof.

Benefits of wind turbines include:

  • Supplementary power while electricity prices continue to rise.
  • Supplementary electricity direct into your household wiring.
  • Reduces the amount of power you buy from your electricity company.
  • Can qualify for up to a 30% grant under the DTI Low Carbon Buildings programme

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