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Grey water harvesting


Grey water is the waste water from baths and showers.

Normally, this water is wasted down the drains. However, grey water can still be used irrigating your garden during long dry summer periods. However, greywater can also be used to flush toilets.

An average family of four creates c 3000 litres of grey water a week.

You can make good use of the grey water from baths, sinks and showers to water your garden.

Surface drip irrigation

The most efficient method is via surface drip irrigation directing the water to the root zone in your garden. Grey water does not need treatment for it to be safe to use irrigating your garden. It contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are beneficial to plants. It is better for you and the environment to use natural or organic body soaps and shampoos.

Its important that bleach based products are not used as these will damage your garden. Use environment friendly cleaning agents in bathrooms as these are biodegradable and have no damaging additives.

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