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Underfloor Heating

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Underfloor heating is the closest you can come to the perfect heating system. Underfloor heating energy efficient and provides a comfortable and even heat distribution.

Modern building methods have improved levels of insulation. In addition, high efficiency boilers and other renewable energy sources ensure underfloor heating provides excellent energy savings.

Underfloor heating is easy to install and is a cost effective heating solution

Underfloor heating is the modern and efficient choice, heating from the floor up, rather than the ceiling down, and it provides more "radiant" heat than radiators, which means greater efficiency and comfort, with a lower room thermostat setting.

Underfloor heating is now widely used in the UK and integrated into all types of building applications.

The best way to install the underfloor heating pipes is to incorporate the pipes into the floor make-up. These pipes can then be connected to a centrally located water distribution manifold.

There are many types of clips or fixings to hold the pipes in place until the floor has been screeded or fixed in place


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