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Energy Efficient Lighting

In most homes, lighting accounts for between 10 per cent and IS per cent of the electricity bill, and contributes significantly to carbon Low Energy Lightdioxide emissions

Lighting should be chosen according to the use and ambiance of the room. Well chosen energy efficient lighting can improve the 'feel' of a room as well as saving energy and money.

Energy efficient lighting with compact fluorescent lamps is much less expensive over the life of the lights than conventional tungsten lighting. Energy efficient lamps are more expensive initially but work out cheaper in the long run,

Energy efficient lighting significantly reduces electricity use and the associated carbon dioxide emissions.

There are two types of energy efficient lights - fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps.

Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs)

A large range of CFLs are available:

  • spot lamps
  • candle lamps
  • coloured lamps

Modern CFLs can provide good lighting effects. Energy efficient lighting is most cost effective in rooms where the lighting is most often used. Any room in which the lighting is used for more than four hours each day should be considered.

Installing energy efficient lighting can provide lifetime savings of over ?50 per lamp


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